The Number Ten



Ten, out of the chosen ones.
Teniola, emerges the golden one.
Ten times worthier than the average one.
Tender, just like the sparks of the rising sun.
Tender, even like tender itself.

Tendrils gently shooting out by her feet.
Tending to the feeble support that holds her still.
Tentacles fiercely gripping as she shifts.
Tenaciously fighting to hold her stead.
Tenible one she is for so it seems.

Ten commandments, they were all given.
Tenable and for them all to abide with.
Tension but often makes many weak.
Teniola’s gumption only, prevails.
Teniola’s gumption only suffices.

Tendency to finish this story is slim,
Tensive write though it is,
Tentative as it seems,
Ten, that’s what it really means.

Day 10 of 100.

5 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Hehe, you’ve used up all the prefix joor. I mean, i cant even think of another ten- word without checking the dictionary. Hian!
    Btw, who is Teniola, something about that name is tension tending. ?

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