I’ve visited all the eight rooms of my house,
Looking for the right words that best describes,
This fantastic person that you are,
And all these amazing things that you do.

I used to think you proud,
Even to this day that we have,
Guess it further enhances the cynic being that I am,
Few things wow me, but that’s my life.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but daily,
Our friendship, sabotaged often but still it’s sailing,
I can’t count how many times I’m caught smiling,
From uncountable memories of you that’s cracking.

To a 4-eyed hero,
Cuter without the glasses.

Day 6 of 100.

3 thoughts on “Hero.

      1. Wow…..my princess is bae!!!!…nice piece …cant stop smiling#winks
        if only i could stop wearing glasses I would do dat for u

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