Getting Started.

Thoughts wreathed in Elegance :)

Have you ever felt completely useless abou’ ur existence before?
Like ever?
Ever ever? :/

What are you? :s
A Maalu or sum’n? /:)

Well, I have. Countless times actually!

Lemme cite an example of dose “countless times”

From the onset of that devilish ASUU strike. Things hav been exceedingly impossible!

Thou thankful the Strike’s been “suspended”. Ofcos I knw this is no news!

But for the benefit of my pals dat hav been balling underground; Hades, Poseidon et all.. πŸ˜‰

I have felt like a miserable, useless, waste-of-space, unwanted, in-the-way, pitiful oddity!.
You knw all of those pathetic words yh? Thank you.

Honestly, I never realised school actually contributed so much into my life this much.
You knw, as an “happening babe” nw πŸ˜‰

Minus the classes and lectures o.
Just the fun part.
You knw; Partying, balling et all { as a sure girl πŸ˜‰ }

Chilling with friends, Girl’s gossip, hot gists and the likes!

Until the Union embarked on that never-ending strike.
Y’all knw dey intended to let it continue for forever yh?
U heard it first from me then πŸ™‚

At first, I doused myself with some hope perfumes and said to myself, “Tcheeewww, it wnt last for more than a month jooor”
[As per being new to d system πŸ˜‰ ]

Little did I knw I was sitting on the longest thing ever!

Never for once thought it was gon take forever like it did.

Y’all dnt wonder y I seldom go out during the supposed hols?

Ofcos, there’s technology o.
That one keeps one occupied for a just time.
But the truth is, I can’t obviously go out baring it all! ( ._.)
I didn’t hav anything to wear.
I left all of my clothes nd stuffs in school nd err, it turned out the school was goin to be on lock-down while the strike lasted!
The day I gt the shocking news..
The look on my face? Epochal!.

Apparently, I have been tying wrapper evrywhere I go since July. (˘̯˘ )
I cri evritiem :'(

That one is even by the way,
Because I am actually not the out-going type.
*in miley’s voice*
“We run things, things dnt run we ^.^”

So err.. It has been really disturbing jareh.
A lot of dates turned down bcos of dat ._.

I can remember this particular day.
I was stucked with a really boring man.
I was bored to tears! :'(
As in, bored stiff!
I wudnt wanna bore u with the details jareh. Because narrating it self is booorrinnnggg!

Okayy, moving right along.
What about feeling embittered even when times are different and place is all fun but nothing just seems to enthral you?
Nothing interests u at all?
Re u gettin d picture?
Like a gaddawn anti-social idiot…? Poor thing πŸ™

Tbh, it happens to me too.

There was this time that I wanted to go fall off some balcony and hit my head on the floor. πŸ™
So some “being” wud come possess me.
Like the cats did for Cat-woman.
U remember the comic story?
Wat, u dnt? Selina kyle?
U never had a childhood or wah?

Err..scratch dat. πŸ™‚

Back to wah I was saying,
U knw, like some super powers would just come out of the blue and jump at me!
Buth then, I thought to myself..
“YOLO,baby. YOLO.

What if I end up dying? Hell awaits me. In full gear”

Note- My actions were not intended to be suicidal. I was just thirsty for some super actions in my then super boring life. ( I agree I shudnt hav contemplated falling yo ). It’s not like I wanted to die or anyfn. No, no. Nothing of such.

Ok, okayy. Enough of the ghoulish talks already.

You must probably think my life’s sad yeah? Loool.
Well well, we all hav those bad times and this is like one.

Dnt gimme that look ._.
Dnt tell me u havnt had moments urself ._.

Shioorr. *un-interested look*

More of my thoughts coming right up.

Thanks for reading! :D.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts wreathed in Elegance :)

  1. Wow.. Just wow.. For a first post, wow.. Intriguing post, wonderful choice of title and man, dont I just love this theme?! It snows.. I can go on and on, but ask for one word, then WOW!! Keep it coming dearie..

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