Happy Birthday Mummy!

My mother doesn’t walk into a room and expect to turn heads. My mother walks into a room and expects to walk into a room because, Queen ways. Heads will turn whether or not it is expected. 

Màámi. I have come to call you this in recent years. Not simply because you’re my actual mother. But because I would very much like if your grandchildren picked it up right where we left off with our own grandmother. You’re doing a brilliant job already. 

It’s amazing how much love you’re constantly willing to give. Even to people that do not deserve second chances. It’s amazing how much strength still lies within you. Despite all the many things that have tried to break you open. 

Growing up, I used to wonder how and why one woman can be so firm. I like to pride myself in thinking that I have a strong will. This and more, I owe to you. 

Òpò òrò ò mà k’ágbòn. Aféfé á gbe lo ni. 

I could write more than a thousand words to describe how much you mean to me. But it would probably not do any justice at all. 

My prayers are that may God in infinite mercies, keep you alive in the best of health and with the best of tranquility such that you never have to worry about anything. May your happiness remain untainted and May your joy be forever overfilled. 

Happy birthday, Momma. I love you everyday. 

And thank you for all that you do. ❤️


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